cloud computing services


  • On-demand virtual machines and compute resources

An on-demand enterprise-grade platform that lets you create and run virtual machines in the cloud.

SimpliCompute is a cloud web service allows you to create virtual machines in the cloud easily and instantly. Architected to make elastic cloud computing easier for enterprises, SimpliCompute’s interface allows you to provision a wide range of virtual machines to grow your application to large scale.


Unlike other cloud platforms, SimpliCompute allows you to scale your cloud infrastructure in ways that suit your requirements best – the platform allows you to not just scale out, but to scale up as well, but adding more processors and RAM to existing virtual machines. The platform supports over 1500 unique VM sizing configurations, each with multiple OS and DB options to support multiple workloads and use cases.

Key highlights

NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India is a VMware cloud verified partner, which affirms to our clients that we provide services and solutions on advanced VMware Cloud Infrastructure services, including integration and interoperability, cost optimization and flexibility.

Highly optimized IT budgets

  • Decouple hardware costs from CAPEX and get more predictable OPEX
  • Cut back on software upgrade costs
  • Eliminate the need to source, staff, train and manage engineering teams
  • Gain from utility (pay-per-use) billing

On-demand scalability and flexibility

  • Vertical and horizontal scaling within the VM
  • User-defined persistent storage
  • Variable instance sizes and configurations
  • Fixed (reserved) and elastic (unreserved)

Powerful self-management

  • Single point of control helps manage and orchestrate multiple layers of complex infrastructure
  • Ability to scale and manage servers and storage in real time
  • Centralized portal to track and report on every significant event
  • Ability to configure or reconfigure compute resources and bandwidth based on business needs

No compromise on performance

  • Advanced technology from Cisco, Vmware, EMC and NetApp
  • Multiple OS options, including Linux and Windows

24x7 support

  • Real-time human assistance to resolve technical issues, billing queries and troubleshooting needs
  • Support available across a wide range of technologies


Value proposition

Virtualized environment

SimpliCompute allows you to add powerful computing resources to your website and applications on-the fly.

Analytics & reporting

You get single view of your entire system performance. We provide a comprehensive analytics and reporting platform.


You can use as an interface to communicate with your contract Netmagic SimpliCompute Virtual Machines (VMs).

Industry-leading SLAs

Our SLAs are backed by service credits and are delivered by an extensive technical support team.

Why NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

24x7 monitoring and support

Our 24x7x365 assistance keeps your applications and system always-on

Flexible payment options

Wide options of payment choices, including cheque and bank transfers

Highly scalable

Vertical and horizontal scaling available across all plans

99.99% VM availability

Access your applications and systems anytime, anywhere

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